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Judicial excellence is the foundation of justice systems that are trusted by the public to resolve disputes with fairness, efficiency, and impartiality.  The 7th IOJT Conference will explore different ways in which judicial education can support, promote, and instill judicial excellence.  Under the overall theme of judicial excellence the conference will focus on:


• Leadership and Judicial Education

• Judicial Skill Building

• Technology and Judicial Education

• Judicial Education and the Academy (Academic Community)

• Judicial Education in Support of Justice System Reform, Independence, and Accountability

• Electoral Judicial System

• Process Electronic Judicial (Electronic Lawsuit)


In addition the conference will include a Knowledge Fair with displays by IOJT member organizations and by other institutions that provide education technology products and services. 


English is the official language of the conference. The plenary sessions will be simultaneous interpretation in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. 

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